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"The way to entice people into cooking is to cook delicious things" Yotam Ottolenghi

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Chefcipes offers Chefs and Restaurants with the opportunity to build your own online cookbook. Customers purchase your recipes "a la carte" and you earn 75% from each sold recipe.

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Build your own personalized cookbook with recipes from your favorite Chefs & Restaurants. Order all the ingredients for pickup or delivery from your favorite grocer. Discover and save your favorite Restaurants and Chefs to easily access anytime.

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Add your Chef Profile or your Restaurant to our directory of Chefs and Restaurants.


Add your Chef profile to begin. Build your own Cookbook and tell your story on why you are passionate about the dishes you make. Add and sell your favorite recipes and offer them to your customers.


Add your Restaurants profile to show a more complete profile of your Restaurant and get premium placement. Share your story on why you opened your restaurant. Add and sell your recipes and offer them to your customers. Add your menu items, hours of operation and other contact information so customers can find you.

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Discover your next favorite Restaurant or Chef! Search for nearby Restaurants or Chefs, see their recipes, browse their menus, hours of operation and order directly. Save your favorite Restaurants & Chefs for a convenient list to access anytime, anywhere.

Who We Are

A couple of guys with the vision of showcasing the love, care and hard work of Chefs & Restaurants not seen in the dining room. Creating opportunities for Chefs & Restaurants to open their customer base from local to global. And yes, we want to replace Yelp!

Chris Lamarra

Head Chef & Creative

Mark Rybarczyk

Back of House & Chief Tech Guy