About Adyre Mason

Adyre Mason

Meet chef and owner of The Veggie, Adyre Mason. Chef Adyre is a University of Alabama-Huntsville and George Washington University alum who decided to trade in her job as a Systems Engineer for a chef’s coat. When her mother passed away in early 2017, she decided to take the leap to fulfill their shared dream of entering the food industry. She honors her mother’s classic dishes by transforming them into modern vegan fare and using her diverse palette to create original dishes of her own. Chef Adyre began her journey to vegan in 2015 and over the next year and a half, she transitioned carefully to pescatarian, then vegetarian, and finally vegan. She believes in the power of healthy eating and most importantly, being informed consumers. In her first few years as a a chef she has had the esteemed pleasure to serve Grammy award winner Anthony Hamilton, The Voice Season 5 Winner Chris Blue, and empowerment mogul Necole Kane amongst others. Her ultimate dream? To cook for Beyoncé.