About Georgeann Leaming

Chef picture

Chef Georgeann Leaming, who graduated from Academy of Culinary Arts in 1999, is currently the chef de cuisine of R2L Restaurant. Prior to that, she was tapped as the opening executive chef of Gordon Ramsay Steak after a successful run as the executive chef of Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill.

Despite wide regard as a fan favorite and a Season 19 champion of the episode Per Peri Determined on The Food Network’s Chopped series, with a diverse background that spans from co-owning two popular Philadelphia eateries with a Best of Philly Award to upscale Italian cuisine, Leaming is undoubtedly considered a “late bloomer” by traditional culinary standards. It wasn’t until the age of 23, while working as a preschool teacher and pregnant with her daughter Kirsten that Leaming decided to take a risk by enrolling at the Academy of Culinary Arts to pursue her childhood fascination of cooking and food.

After twenty years experience in culinary, she draws inspiration from each of the variety of kitchens she has been in and looks to continue learning, growing and finding new food experiences through staging, travel and chef collaborations.