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Chef Susette Sánchez Valdez
Private Chef
Los Cabos, Baja California Sur,México

I am part of the Third Generation of lovers of this Culinary Art, I had the Blessing of my two Grandmothers Mari (papa) Rafailita (mama) QPD .. who had a unique Sazón of Goddesses, my Mother Susana who earned from my grandmother the flavor and love for cooking, those aromas and flavors that I grew up with, as a child ... without imagining while I was a teenager ...in that time I didn´t like to cook ... (seriously) that one day those flavors that live on my palate would come to life in my heart .

Helping in my mother´s Susana Valdez Vazquez catering business and while my son Manuel was growing up, I discovered my passion for cooking, expressing emotions through food, noticing how easy and happy I was creating and discovering smells every day, flavors, that delight the palate of my clients is an emotion without description when you feel so free to express and feel in your space, for me, my kitchen is the way to flow and strengthen my soul and heart, always my biggest reason, motivation and Inspiration has been my son, who was my best critic, support and promoter that his Mother will show and reach more people with their food .. For me Cooking is synonymous of Love and Happiness.

Through the years I used to work giving English classes while my little one was growing, in parallel I worked with my mother in her Catering, over time and life took me to dedicate myself full time in the Catering service, and that's how my project was born Susette's Catering & More ... Giving only private service for many years, and Blessed with having the preference of my clients was always recommended by word of mouth, so I kept my schedule full of work while I watched and enjoyed watching My son growing, I did not believe in extending myself more in this culinary field, because I had the advantage of having enough work that would allow me to be Mama (the most beautiful thing that life has given me opportunity to be).

4 years ago I start giving my service in Private Yachts, invited by my cousin Axel, and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences since cooking on the high seas for days, and especially with the movement of the sea and the boat, that is never the same as cooking in land, it is a daily learning, in creating, improvising, since you can not run to a market and if you forgot any ingredient, creating is the solution.

2017 My life takes an unexpected turn, in which on God Hands and with the love of my son in my Soul, Jaqueline Liceaga (my friend)from Wild Cabo Tours Group, takes me out of my comfort box , and invites me to a meeting and introduce me with Justin Benham so I start a working relationship with the group.

With their Projects and Culinary Experiences, on board of Cabo Wave Luxury Catamaran with experiences as : Chef to Sea, Luxury Brunch Ceviche Class, Salsas & Salsa's Class Taco Bar, Tapas Night ,where each Menu is created by me taking the diner in a culinary experience, La Terminal del Cabo on the standardization of dishes and kitchen team as a gastronomic advisor,creating Autor Menus for them, being part of the team as Chef Culinary Experiences, I had the opportunity to participate in the projects of Cabo Rural and Sabor a Cabo 2018, among many others. At the same time I was taking care of my catering too.

I finish my journey with Wild Cabo Tours in November 2019 very greatfull and I left part of my heart with them. On the needing of be more focus on my next projects in my own business.

Now, I spend my days creating Menus, Cooking Classes ,I do my own Catering giving Culinary experiences where the flavors taken by hand with my Sazón can satisfy the palates of our clients ... I start with my baby project , that soon you will hear more about it...
When you love what you do is reflected in yourself and your team.

With this Character, Passion, Sazón and always looking for Excellence, day by day in everything I do, I´m very Proud, Grateful and Satisfied of the path traveled, of the wonderful human team that has supported me, in every project that has been committed to perform …

I declare myself imperfect, crazy, passionate, loyal to myself therefore to others, totally mortal and happy ..
I am a faithful believer that to achieve the goals one puts on one's life, one must always value all those who make your achievements possible and give life to each of them with their hands and hearts! A game is won alone, but the championships are won as a Team! That's why I like to win championships, without all those people who believe in me, my team, my family, my clients, I am nothing ... Thank you all, I am who I am.