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We started Chefcipes to help chefs monetize their recipes by presenting unique dishes to our members.

Our business model is simple: When a member saves one of your recipes, we pay you a royalty. We share 60% of our subscription revenue with our chefs.

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Want to know more?

  • Members subscribe monthly for $2.99/mo or annually for $26/yr
  • At a 60% royalty rate, each of our subscribers contributes either $1.80 (monthly sub) or $1.30 (annual sub) to the chef-revenue pool each month.
  • Each member can save as many chef recipes as they'd like
  • At the end of each month the number of recipes a member has saved is divided by that member’s pool share based on their type of membership.

  • Member 1 is a Monthly Subscriber, so approximately $1.80 is funded to the Chef pool. If Member 1 has 6 saved Chef recipes in their Recipe Box, then each Chef whose recipe is saved earns a $0.30 royalty from that Member
  • Member 2 is an Annual Subscriber with two Chef recipes saved in their Recipe Box. Each of those Chefs would earn a $0.65 royalty from Member 2
  • Members seldom delete recipes from their Recipe Box, so a saved recipe earns a royalty every month!

We calculate royalties on the first of each month, and chef's earnings are updated in their Dashboard. Earnings are eligible to be cashed out once they reach $50 (USD).

The royalty potential grows exponentially as more members join and we continue to limit the number of chefs we invite to participate. You can help us grow by promoting your Chefcipes recipes to your social media followers!

"Thanks to all of you. It's a great thing you are doing and I am happy to join in." - Chef Christina Pirello

"Thank you for reaching out! I love the platform, I had a greate time creating the page!" - Chef Chel

"Thank you Chefcipes - so happy to be part of your amazing project!" - Chef Susette Valdez

"Wow - very good idea! I love the concept and very happy to be part of it." - Chef Lineas Lixi