Roots Cafe

About Us

Roots was grown from an ambition to provide local, organic, and affordable food to our guests. Our mission is to serve the well-being of people and the planet by supporting sustainable farming practices and a healthy lifestyle.

As we grow, we continue to build relationships with farms and food suppliers that will help us create a rotating menu consisting of local, and sustainable ingredients.
Our menu is broad and aims to satisfy vegetarians and meat eaters alike.
Most everything we make is from scratch to ensure freshness.

Roots Cafe is consciously making an effort to a greener food industry. We use compostable ‘to-go’ coffee cups, soup containers, and cutlery made from 100% renewable resources.The cafe is evolving just as much as the people who keep it alive and going. We realize our responsibility to ourselves, guests, and environment to keep the Roots Cafe an ongoing project moving towards a more sustainable food industry.